Lepto What?

Do you hike, camp, backpack with your dog?
Do you take your dog on river trips? Fishing trips? Hunting? My mom takes me! And I love it!!
All it takes is a small amount of leptospirosis (lepto for short) infected water and you and your pet are at risk for leptospirosis which can be costly to treat and fatal if left untreated.

Me playing in the water after a long hike.

Does your pet like to step in a puddle and then lick its paws? Most do….
Does your pet like to drink out of streams and rivers? Most do….
The lepto map IS RED HOT all around Salt Lake City and our adventurous clients need to think about lepto before they head out to the Uintas, Moab, and surrounding Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado wilderness areas with their canine companions.

Some causes of Lepto

Lepto is carried by wildlife vector species who will urinate in a water source and then contaminate that water. Guaranteed wildlife creatures don’t know how to read a map to stay out of Utah….it is likely here…just being unreported. Some of these animals include raccoons, skunks, squirrels, and other wildlife.
Lepto causes liver and kidney failure and is ZOONOTIC!  (People can get it!!)
Why would you put your pet and you at risk when you could just prevent lepto with a vaccine?

Then you can enjoy the outdoors without having to nag your pet all the time to stay out of the water!

Me wondering around camp in the mountains.

Me wondering around camp in the mountains.

There you have it! All the info on Lepto Vaccines!

Straight from The Dog’s Mouth,

Love, Sequoia

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