What Makes UPVH so Different??

There are a lot of Veterinary Hospitals out there, how do you know how to pick the right one for your pet? What sets them apart?
In this blog we will talk about what makes us so different from all the other Veterinary Hospitals out there!
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The UPVH team with Sequoia, Timber and Rochelle

We CARE and we are a FAMILY!
Union Park Veterinary Hospital is a progressive veterinary hospital where we offer the gold standard of care with a small town feel.
We are Cottonwood Heights owned and run and we love this community!
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Here are some of the things that we can offer you, as part of our family!
1) Individualized patient care and treatment protocols that meet your pet’s lifestyles and budget.
We care about who YOU are and what your goals are for your furry family member.  We work with YOU to come up with the best plan for your pet.
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Dr. Doub doing an exam and coming up with a treatment plan for Koda’s active life!

2) Email and text access.
Everyone is so busy these days and we understand that 100%. We don’t want YOU to have to wait for lab results or to hear back from Dr. Doub with answers to your questions. That is why our communication is primarily written and from the Dr. herself.
That way, you can access this information WHEN YOU ARE READY.  Appts can be made by texting or emailing and rx refills processed by texting and emailing 24 hours a day.
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Misha texting a client back to set up an appointment!

3) Up to date care!
Dr. Doub and her team are constantly doing continuing education. They, as a team, attend seminars, lunch time talks and read and discuss journals to stay up to date on all issues affecting companion animal care.
We like to think outside the box and LOVE second opinion cases…..all veterinary care is NOT created equal.  We really do strive to be the BEST primary care veterinarian in the Salt Lake Valley…..

Dr. Doub talking to her staff about the new things she learned at her CE over the weekend!

4) Referrals and low costs.
Word of mouth is our primary form of marketing. This is how we keep our costs low and make this more of a family atmosphere.
We want YOU and YOUR pet to love us….and if you tell all your friends about us, we will reward YOU and your friends for giving us a try! Ask us for referral cards at your next appointment!
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Heather handing out referral cards to clients!

5) Vacations and kenneling can be stressful for pets.
Dr. Doub doesn’t kennel her pets and her team fully believes that pets should be well taken care of while owners are getting much needed R and R.
As a result, her team offers individualized and personally contracted in home pet sitting for established members of the UPVH family. Need a petsitter?  Just ask a member of the team if they can help!
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Bridget watches Rochelle on the weekends when Dr D. is out of town!

You can see our family is a lot different than many Veterinary Hospitals out there! We love our furry clients like our own family! Come see the difference here at UPVH!

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