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Union Park Veterinary Hospital
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Commonly Asked Questions

I work 9-5 Monday through Friday.  How can I bring my pet to UPVH when they are not open on weekends?    
We always welcome drop off appointments, even for vaccines and routine care.  Our hospital is open 7 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday to accommodate this concern during the week. When you bring your pet in, one of our technical staff will go over your concerns and provide you with an estimate for services.  We will keep you updated throughout the day on your pet's progress as well as any additional services that we may be recommending.  You will not be charged for boarding your pet for the day.  When you come to pick up your pet, either Dr. Doub or one of her technicians will go over the discharge sheet with you so that you understand clearly the medical services provided to your pet and what follow up care is needed. Other than lacking the ability to watch Dr. Doub performing her physical exam, your appointment will be the same as a scheduled one and you will not incur any additional charges. 

My pet just had a big work up/involved procedure and it is the end of the weekWhat if he/she gets sick again over the weekend?
We try to book our bigger procedures earlier in the week so that we have time to "trouble shoot" with you new medications, things to watch for, complications, etc.  However, sometimes, emergencies happen and we are doing bigger procedures on a friday.  Dr. Doub will be very honest with you about her concerns and your pet's prognosis.  If she is very concerned that your pet's condition is guarded or may deteriorate over the weekend or have a major surgical complication, she will recommend that your pet be hospitalized at a 24 hour emergency clinic and she will provide a referral. If your pet has very little risk of complication, she may just provide you with her email or her technician's phone number in case of any concerns that may pop up over the weekend. Email will also be available, and she can coordinate with you if she or her staff need to come in over the weekend to help out with your concerns.

Dr. Doub is recommending to keep my pet overnight for more diagnostics/intravenous care/hospitalization.  Who will take care of my pet in the middle of the night? 
We do not have overnight technicians at UPVH.  However, there will be times that Dr. Doub will recommend hospitalizing your pet.  She will not hospitalize any pet at UPVH that she deems to be in critical condition.  All critical pets will be referred to an emergency facility or sent home with you if finances are limited so that you can take your pet to an emergency facility if need be in the middle of the night.  All animals that stay overnight at UPVH are those that could benefit from continued fluid therapy, etc.  Fluid rates are continued overnight on intravenous fluid pumps but rates are decreased to maintenance rates to prevent fluid overload while no technicians are on duty. Hospitalized pets are given priority in the morning for treatment and assessment so that treatment plans can be revised and discussed with you as soon as possible.  If you are uncomfortable with leaving your pet overnight unattended but hospitalization is recommended, you can always pick your pet up at closing and bring him/her back at 7 am the next morning.  Often times with this plan, your pet will have an intravenous catheter in place which will be wrapped.  The disadvantages to this are that the intravenous catheter can become clogged or pulled out by your pet while not attached to fluids and thus you may be charged for a new one the following morning.

My pet has been hospitalized.  When can I see him/her?
We pride ourselves at UPVH on the cleanliness of our hospital.  Additionally, Dr. Doub is meticulous with her surgical procedures, so there is no need to shield what transpires in the treatment area from the public eye. Because of this, we welcome visitors at any time during our normal business hours.  In fact, visitation is very important for hospitalized pets, especially in cases where your pet is anorexic.  Some pets, even when they are feeling better and lab work has normalized will not eat unless they have their familiar humans around.  Thus, visitation can be critical in order to fully assess the patient's recovery and progress, including appetite. 

We have a comfort room where you can privately visit with your pet while they receive continued medical treatment for as long as you desire.  However, please keep in mind that some hospitalized pets may have extensive equipment attached to them, so you may have to visit your pet in the treatment area while procedures or surgery are in progress.  All we ask is that you be respectful of what is going on and realize that we handle multiple patients and often have emergencies.  Staff will be more than willing to answer any questions you may have about your pet, but we may not be able to "drop everything" if you show up to visit unannounced.  Additionally, if a critical emergency arrives while you are visiting, we may ask you to come back and visit at another time if your pet can not be moved out of the treatment area. 

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