Pet Pain Assessment & Consults

Union Park Veterinary Hospital Services

Our veterinary team at Union Park Veterinary Hospital will address each patient’s individual needs and create their own custom pain management plan aimed to keep them as comfortable as possible.

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Pain Assessment and Consults in Cottonwood Heights, UT

Each pet is different and comes with its own individual set of needs and requirements. At Union Park Veterinary Hospital, we will create plans aimed to keep your pets as comfortable as possible.

Class IV Therapeutic Laser Treatments
A therapeutic laser is the application of light energy to areas of the body to stimulate healing. Class IV therapeutic lasers are higher powered and use longer wavelengths. Different powered lasers will take different amounts of time to deliver the treatment dose of light energy. A higher-power laser translates to a shorter treatment time overall.
Multi Modal Solutions

Multi-modal solutions for long-term pain control can include traditional pain medications that treat pain in different ways (ie nerve pain, muscle pain, inflammatory pain, etc.) as well as nutraceuticals, laser treatments, and basic physical therapy.